Launch of Facebook Social Media Page!

The Alabama Association of Public Personnel Administrators (AAPPA) would like to announce the launch of their Facebook Social Media Page!

Simply search for the public page “AAPPA – Alabama Association of Public Personnel Administrators” and “like” the page. This public page will be for members to stay informed of upcoming AAPPA events and meetings and also where potential members can go to see what’s happening within the organization. This page will be another tool the AAPP A can utilize to advance the effort of gaining interest and members in our organization.

Furthermore, AAPPA wants to open up the lines of communication within the organization. As you know, there is a listserv that provides useful information on developments in the public personnel field and an opportunity for subscribers to ask technical questions from the membership. However, when a question is emailed out to the members, the rest of the members do not have access to all of the answers unless requested. So the AAPPA would also like to announce to its members the private “group” on Facebook available to all current members.

The Facebook private group will be where members can go to find the answers to the listserv questions (simply go under the “Files” section!) Additionally, this group will be a forum where members can openly communicate with each other whether it’s personal announcements or job opening